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About the Unicab App

An online application, easy to download  from the Play Store on your smartphone. A ride at your fingertips by a reliable, well known cab service provider. Our Drivers are professional, certified tour guides. They are experienced with a vast knowledge of the greater part of the city and various tourist destinations. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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Booking a car has never been easier. Experience our top quality service at competitive rates. Simply go online and experience convenience at your fingertips. Simple and Reliable!


Unique Features

  • Tap and Go

    Request a vehicle with a single tap and go

  • Pre-book

    Don’t stress about a ride not being available, pre-booking gives you peace of mind know that your transfer will be confirmed and your Driver will be on time and  to take you timeously and safely to your destination.

  • Live Track

    Track the vehicle you have requested via the Mobile App and know the exact expected time of arrival of your Driver.

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  • Driver Identification

    A profile photo of your Driver is displayed on the Mobile App for easy Identification and Safety purposes.

  • e-receipt

    You will receive an email detailing your latest trip or you can simply view the details on the Mobile App

  • Rate Service

    We like feedback from clients so that we can improve our service to you. Please rate your driver to assist us in maintaining our excellent service.

Unique Features

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Available on App Store and Google Play

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Our Mobile App will connect you with the closest driver available to your location. You are notified of the exact distance the driver is from you as well as the time of arrival at your location.


How It Works


Download & Install Unicab App

Quick and easy! The App can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple Appstore today, Absolutely Free!


Register and Login

Once you have download the App simply click on the Menu Icon which you will find on the top left icon menu-alt-512Click on “Sign In” the “Create Account”.  As easy as that and you are ready to go!





Start Requesting & Have Fun!

You have just opened the door to Freedom! Anywhere, anytime!

Welcome to Unicab Online App!

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Unicab changes alot more the way people travel and feel.Our Drivers are well experienced in Cape Town and are certified.Tour Guides. So buckle up take the ride of your life for an experience like never before.



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